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About Platinum Pools

Platinum Pools & Spas is a licensed, bonded and insured pool contractor whose business is specifically designed to help homeowners in receiving the highest possible quality and value.

As an innovative company, Platinum Pools & Spas provides an alternative to traditional pool builders with a comprehensive approach unmatched in the industry.  Our service has consistently surpassed the expectations of our customers from the initial custom design, throughout construction and warranty.

Platinum Pools & Spas continues to expand, and with that expansion continues to increase customer satisfaction, always keeping in mind our original objective of providing our pool customers with lasting value. 

While personal tastes and preferences vary as widely as the homeowners themselves, the one constant is quality, and that is what Platinum Pools & Spas continually provides. We are consistently recognized for innovation, design, craftsmanship and high standards of service.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Platinum Pools & Spas is fundamentally changing the pool building landscape in the backyards of Arizona homeowners through custom pool designs, expert engineering, superior construction techniques and meticulous attention to detail. People choose Platinum Pools & Spas because we offer so many advantages and many upgraded features included with every pool. Platinum Pools can build an idyllic water oasis right in your own backyard with all the features you desire.

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Getting Started

State of the art design

Our projects always begin with a pool design that is developed in concert with you. Building swimming
pools has changed dramatically over the years, and to design pools today involves a knowledge of and
coordination of art, landscape design, engineering and technology.

Pool renovation

A knowledgeable approach to renovation can do wonders to modernize your existing pool. Repairing a
tired finish or having your pool completely redesigned from its existing structure can breathe new life
into your pool and property.

It may also be an opportunity to benefit from advances in new technology including; energy saving pool
equipment, water purification, accent lighting and automatic control systems.

Choosing a Builder

When choosing a pool builder, be sure to ask these questions:

The Company

  1. Is the company financially stable?
  2. Does the company have a favorable Dun & Bradstreet rating?
  3. Are checks made out to a business or to an individual checking account?
  4. Does this company do business in more than one city?
  5. Is the company licensed, bonded and insured?
  6. Does the company belong to any trade or business organizations?
  7. Do any homebuilders trust this company as a "preferred" pool builder?
  8. How long has the owner been in the pool business?

The Employees

  1. Do they hire Master designers, experienced project coordinators and experienced project superintendents?
  2. Will they use unskilled in-house labor to build your pool?
  3. Does the company insist on a drug-free workplace?

The Craftsmen

  1. Does this company use only licensed, bonded and insured trade contractors?
  2. Do they hire specialists with years of experience in their trades?

The Materials

  1. Is the company using the highest quality materials?
  2. Do they use fiber-mesh in their concrete?
  3. Do they use #10 or larger wire in all their pool equipment installations?
  4. Are they using NSF International Certified, approved and pressure tested schedule 40 PVC?
  5. Are they using pneumatically applied Shotcrete?
  6. Are they using real or knock-off products of inferior quality for interior finishes and decks?
  7. Do they have a drafting department to ensure accurate measurements and minimize building errors?
  8. Do they build to different specifications in expansive soil?

The Equipment

  1. Do they use uniform equipment or mix-and-match equipment from different vendors to cut corners?
  2. Does the company offer only genuine Hayward pumps, filters, and heaters?
  3. Do they offer the Paramount In-floor cleaning system with a 99 percent clean guarantee?

Construction Process

It's time to build your Platinum pool. Each phase will fascinate you as we bring the Platinum touch to your backyard. Following is an outline of what the journey will entail:

An experienced project manager will visit your yard in preparation for excavating the pool. He will use a laser level to calculate elevations and check critical measurements. This will ensure that the pool is placed correctly and that proper drainage is accounted for. Next, the shape of your pool will be outlined on the ground with spray paint and forms will be set for the excavator to use when digging the pool. The location of the pool equipment will also be marked.

This is an exciting day for many homeowners because they can see their new pool taking shape for the first time. A dump truck and a tractor will arrive to dig the pool. Believe it or not, we can drive our smallest tractor through a typical four-foot gate! In most cases, we can excavate your pool in just one day. 

All of the lines for your filtration system, cleaning system, spa and water features will be installed using only the highest quality "Schedule 40" PVC pipe and then we hydrostatically pressure test it to ensure that there are no leaks.

Steel Reinforcement  
Platinum Pools & Spas engineers our pools to guarantee structural integrity and quality. During the steel phase, we will install the ideal skeletal structure for your pool based on load weights generated by the design and depth of your pool. Block spacers and tie wires will hold the steel approximately three inches above the soil to place the steel curtain in the middle of the pool's concrete shell and maximize the strength of the pool shell.

A 6- to 12-inch-deep trench leading from your existing electric panel to the pool equipment area will provide a space to install the proper wiring. A copper ground wire will be used to ground any metal fences, wrought iron, motors, metal window frames or any other metal within five feet of water's edge. Platinum Pools & Spas takes extra steps to insure your safety.

Municipality Inspections  
In most cases, this is the time for your first city inspection. The inspector will ensure that any applicable local, national or international codes are met. Once the pool passes the inspection, a "green tag" or written authorization to continue construction will be issued.

Platinum Pools will apply or "shoot" the concrete shell of your swimming pool. We use pneumatically applied shotcrete to ensure the highest tensile strength and longevity. Our truck or "rig" will pump the shotcrete through a large hose, which our expert craftsman will use to apply the material. The thickness of your shotcrete will be determined by our engineered plans and is designed to withstand a lifetime of use.

Water Features and Hardscapes  
It's time to add the fun stuff! If you've added a rock waterfall or other water feature, it will be installed at this stage. If you're adding fire pits, barbecues, masonry benches, bee hives or other "Hardscapes" items to your outdoor living space, these will be installed prior to the deck phase.
At this time also, we will ensure that gas lines, landscape lighting and landscape feed lines or sleeves are finished. Our team can coordinate efforts with your landscaper before the deck is formed and poured.

Deck and Tile  
You're almost there! In most cases, the deck will be formed and poured before the waterline tile is installed, although in some cases, tile may be installed first. If you've invested in Platinum Deck, we will install the surface after the concrete cures. 

A crew will be on site to clean up all of the construction debris and fill in the trenches created during the process of building your new Platinum  Pool.

Final Municipality Inspections  
Before we finish the interior surface, a final inspection by the city will take place to make sure all of the barriers comply with code. The inspector will notify Platinum Pools of this date. 

Interior Finish  
The day has finally arrived when Platinum Pools' interior crew begins to apply your interior surface. If you have chosen a plaster product, this takes only a few short hours and then water will begin flowing! If you chose a Pebble surface, we will fill your pool the next day. 

Pool Start-up and Orientation  
After the pool interior is completed, we'll perform a mechanical startup to get the equipment running and the water flowing. We will also label valves and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the proper operation of your equipment. 

Once the startup equipment is installed and running, a Platinum Pools & Spas representative will provide a thorough and professional orientation on the proper use, care and maintenance of your equipment. Proper care will result in many years of trouble-free enjoyment. 

You are now ready to enjoy your pool-and Platinum Pools & Spas has had the pleasure of bringing the Platinum style to another backyard!

Engineering & Permitting

Platinum Pools & Spas will engineer and draft the plans for every pool before submitting for city permits. By engineering and drafting in AutoCAD, we ensure perfect dimensions and calculations. Once the engineering and drafting are complete, Platinum Pools & Spas will send the plans to the local municipality for permitting. We will begin construction on your pool once the permits are approved and we receive them.

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Commercial Division

Platinum Pools & Spas commercial pools are designed and built to meet your rigorous requirements. As the leader in the industry, our experience allows us to provide the most cost effective solution for your facility - without sacrificing any of the quality you expect. From your first contact with us we strive to understand your needs and provide equipment and services that exceed your expectations.

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Platinum Pools FAQs

Q. What is the cost of having a design consultation?  
A. A design consultation is absolutely FREE! One of our Master designers will be happy to assist you in the design of your personal backyard oasis. 

Q. How much does a typical pool cost?
A. The investment you make in a pool is affected by a number of variables but prices start well below $25,000. 

Q. How long does it take to build a pool?
A. A basic pool can be built in about 30 days while a very complex pool may take over 60 days. Before Platinum Pools & Spas can begin construction on your pool, we draft, engineer and permit the pool. This process can take a couple of weeks or more depending on the municipality. 

Q. How difficult is it to maintain a pool?
A. Some individuals choose to clean their own pools and maintain their own chemicals, however, Platinum Pools & Spas now offers very low maintenance pools that automatically clean, chlorinate and even maintain their own water levels. These systems eliminate nearly all pool maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your Platinum Pool! 

Q. What is a play pool?
A. A play pool is usually defined by the depth of the water. A classic pool or a diving pool will be shallow on one end and deep on the other end. A play pool is shallow on both ends and deep in the middle. This allows for extra room to play and makes for a good volleyball pool! 

Q. What is a salt water pool?
A. A salt water pool is created using a chlorine generator, which uses salt crystals to generate chlorine for the pool rather than requiring chlorine tablets or "free" chlorine. These generators convert the salt into a very pure form of chlorine that creates a salinity level close to that of a teardrop. Water treated by this method is easy on the eyes, feels good on the skin, and can reduce the long-term costs of maintaining a pool overall.

Q. How much does a spa cost?
A. A basic spa will add less than $10,000 to your pool investment and provide year round use as well as therapeutic benefits. 

Q. How much does it cost to add a water feature?
A. The investment cost of water features start at just a few hundred dollars. Our Masterdesigners will assist in selecting the water feature that fits your budget and creates the ambience desired. 

Q. Is there enough room in my yard for a pool?
A. Almost any yard is big enough for a pool. Our customers are often surprised by the many pool options available for smaller yards. A design appointment with a Platinum Pools & Spas expert is a great way to find out! 

Q. How do you get into my backyard to dig my pool?
A. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished, and we are experts at finding the right way to approach your project. Platinum Pools and Spas has special equipment that can enter your backyard through a space as small as a three-foot, six-inch gate! 

Q. What is the typical swim season?
A. The typical swim season is from the beginning of May until the end of September. 

Q. Do I have to "winterize" my pool?
A. Winterizing a pool is a practice from some of our Northern states where freezing is a considerable problem. In the arid climates such as ours, there is no need to winterize your pool. 

Q. Does a pool add value to my home?
A. Yes, a pool adds considerable value to your home. A pool can also assist you in selling your home as the demand for swimming pools is high in our hot climate. It is best to contact a professional appraiser to get a better idea of the impact your pool will have on your home's equity. 

Q. Can I finance my pool?
A. Platinum Pools & Spas is proud to offer many financing programs—including one that's just right for you! Ask your Design Consultant for details on current interest rates and programs. 

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